Senior Blog: Are you coming down with Senioritis?

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design for seniors hoodie

The design for the Senior Class (2020) hoodie sweatshirts, based on the TV series “Friends.”

Welcome to our Senior Blog for 2020! Here we will discuss issues related to our final year here at Passaic Prep. Reach out if you have ideas for this blog!


A Realization:

Our last year of high school is here. A time to make the most out of the time we have left before stepping into the “real world.” 

A few months into the school year and I’m more than certain that “senioritis” has affected nearly every single one of us. Oh, what we would do to bring June hurtling through the door, being able to walk the grass and moving our tassels from right to left. … Sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s still eight more months before that becomes a reality. Right now it’s deciding which colleges we want to attend and starting to file college applications, getting those letters of recommendation, signing up for financial aid, and so much more!

With adulthood becoming a reality this year, we must keep in mind the responsibility and awareness that comes with it. High school is the last backseat ride before we can truly walk on our own two feet run. Run to the lives that are meant for us. These previous years we’ve done little; walking, maybe jogging.  But keep in mind that God, the force — whatever you believe in — will guide you to where you need to settle, when to keep moving, when to pace yourself. So I leave you with this: enjoy every last second of the last of your high school career. Live it, breath it, embrace it; do something bold, fearless, out of your comfort zone, elicit a feeling you may not feel ever again. Realize that things come to an end but you can make the most of the in-between; the journey, the experiences, the memories.

* * * 

Senior Class Hoodies: 

“I’ll be there for you!” the iconic line from the Friends theme song stands true to us seniors at Prep. Our bond is stronger than Krazy Glue. How can we represent that? By buying our Prep Class of 2020 hoodies, that’s how!! With our school’s name and class number featured on the front, we also get an adorable tagline on the back! The tagline follows the starter for each Friends episode, “The one where…”  These hoodies will state, “The one where they graduate.” What an episode that’ll be!

* * * 

Applying to Colleges:

What one might consider the least favorite task of senior year is applying to colleges. Despite it being a somewhat stressful and tedious process, we are blessed enough to have the resources and willing professionals here at Prep to guide us through it all. There are some key things to have ready for when you want to apply to the college of your choice: 

  • A filled-out FAFSA form
  • Your high school transcript
  • Your test scores (SAT, ACT, etc.)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Your college essay

If you can, start applying early! Research the requirements for the college you plan to apply to.  Visit some local college campuses or the educational institutions of your choice. Check with your guidance counselor for your high school deficiency report. 

Don’t fret over college applications, however DO keep diligent throughout the application stage. For more help, join the College Acceptance Academy Club run by Mr. Tereshko in Room 208.