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This is the home of the C&C Podcast, starring Prep teachers Mr. Contaldi and Mr. Costarelli. Started in 2021, the podcast gives listeners a chance to vote in a poll of the most relevant topics going on at Passaic Prep at the time. C&C have agreed to discuss each of the top three vote-getters in each episode, devoting 60 seconds — and only 60 seconds — to each topic.

With producer Mr. Schmerler and music advisor Ms. Burgos, C&C put out seven episodes in 2021-22, with many more to come. Give it a listen! Let us know what you think. Send comments, suggestions, questions, whatever, to Mr. Schmerler at [email protected]. The music used in 2021-22 was composed by Leslie ValdezCardon of Prep’s Music Technology Pathway.


Listen to Episode 13: We’re Not Giving Up Anything

Listen to Episode 12: What does Minga mean in Italian?


Listen to Episode 11: Sometimes the Truth Hurts:

Listen to Episode 10: We All Go a Bit Crazy Sometimes:

Listen to Episode 9: Like a young Al Bundy:

Listen to Episode 8: We’ve Got Grievances:


Listen to Episode 7, See you in the fall!:

Listen to Episode 6, Another Seamless Transition:

Listen to Episode 5, My Kids Have a Cheap Father:

C&C Podcast

Listen to Episode 4, The Case of the Missing Pencil:

Listen to Episode 3, I Don’t Even Have Netflix:

Contaldi and Costarelli C&C podcast
Mr. Contaldi, left, and Mr. Costarelli record Episode 5 of the C&C Podcast in Room 107. (Mr. Schmerler)

Listen to Episode 2, Talking to Whoever’s Listening:

Listen to Episode 1, Intro:

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