Prep Entrepreneurs: Sweet business helps student cope   

Guadalupe Bravo is 15 and runs GB Sweets, a dessert shop on Instagram @gbsweets2. Guadalupe attended Passaic Preparatory Academy before transferring to Passaic Academy of Science and Engineering (PASE). She started her business because she wanted a distraction from Covid and wanted to help her family after her grandfather died. This is her story.


Guadalupe: I started to do my business a little bit after my grandfather passed away due to Covid. Thankfully I’m okay now but I started this because I wanted to get distracted from things and I wanted to help out with my family. My grandmother was in need so she moved in with my family. I enjoyed doing what I did and still do to this day. I didn’t think it would be something big, I thought it would only run for a month (I started in February, close to Valentine’s Day). I just did it for a little while. Little did I know I was going to do this as a hobby. I got help from my dad when I started since he had a business of vegetables and fruits, so he helped me get good strawberries and now I buy off him with the money I receive from my orders.


The Boulevard Online: Why did you choose to make sweets your business?

GB: I chose to make sweets because of course I love sweets like who doesn’t, but I chose it because it inspired me to get away from any type of problems. It also kept me busy from not doing anything.


TBO: What does your business sell? 

GB: My business sells a lot of sweets like chocolate-covered strawberries, which is my favorite of all-time, and I sell cake pops, fresas con crema (strawberries with cream) which I really love and I sell chocolate booms. 


TBO: What is the proudest thing you have accomplished so far? 

GB: Something that helped me get better at what I do is I practice  on some strawberries. I look for designs and I try. Although things don’t always come out right, I will fix my error for next time. So practice, confidence,and believing in myself made me grow and get better at what I do.


TBO: What is your goal for your business and how do you plan to achieve it?

GB: Well I plan to put up a business with the help of my father. We are thinking of ideas and with my plan being on the way I will try to grow more on my page, and I will also try new things and baking more things.


Instagram: @gbsweets2