Student Spotlight: 8th-grader Beyonce Hernandez is Dedicated to School and Sports

Vice President of middle school Student Council is making her mark at Prep

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Beyonce Hernandez

Courtesy of Beyonce Hernandez

Beyonce Hernandez is an eighth-grader who is vice president of the middle school Student Council.

Beyonce Hernadez is an eighth-grader here at Passaic Preparatory Academy and she is a very dedicated student, in both schoolwork and sports. She is also vice president of the middle school Student Council.

Beyonce gave us some of her time for an interview, to tell us what it’s like to be in the middle school here at the Prep.


The Boulevard: What sports are you involved with here in Passaic?

Beyonce Hernandez:  Marching band, basketball and softball.


T.B.: What do you do in your free time?

B.H.: I usually go outside with friends, practice softball, spend time with my family and end the day on FaceTime with my friends.

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… you go through a lot of things and it’s hard but that’s life and everything happens for a reason so don’t let one bad school year affect you.

— Beyonce Hernandez

T.B.: Any advice you would give to upcoming eighth graders?

B.H.: Prepare yourself for eighth grade. At Prep it can be stressful, with people trying to sign up for Tech (Passaic County Technical Institute), not knowing if they are going to get accepted or go back to Prep. You start losing friends, lots of drama, and you go through a lot of things and it’s hard but that’s life and everything happens for a reason so don’t let one bad school year affect you.


T.B.: How has being vice president of the middle school Student Council changed you?

B.H.: It is lots of fun. Everyone in the club comes up with ideas and tries to change Prep and make it the way the students want it to be. It changed me because you do not see what happens behind the scenes. Being in Student Council is a lot of work, from waking up early in the mornings and coming up with ideas to make the middle schoolers happy. It has changed me for the good.


T.B.: Is homework important to you?

B.H.: It’s a yes-or-no answer, because homework can definitely bring your grades up but at the same time teachers and administrators need to know that we have a life outside of school and we have a lot of things going on. For example, I play sports and sometimes I can’t get all my homework done. So what I do is since I have lunch Period 5, I do my homework from at home and finish the rest at lunch or in the gym when we don’t play.


T.B.: Is there anything you would change in this school year?

B.H.: I would change the lack of school spirit we have. Some people are ashamed to be in Prep! Some people aren’t even signing back into either of the academies (Prep and PASE) because they want to be in PHS (Passaic High School) with all the “cool” kids, and they get less work. So that was something I would change because I get it, Prep is a lot of work, but it’s preparing you for a better future and job when you’re older.


T.B: Why would people be ashamed of attending Prep?

B.H: Nowadays it’s about popularity and following your friends. Since everyone is going to PHS, they don’t want to sign up to a school that they don’t know a lot of people. 


T.B.: How important is your culture?

B.H.: My culture is very important. I’m Dominican, and in my household we mostly speak Spanish and I feel like my culture resembles me because I have all the Dominican aspects like the loud voice, being able to play sports, the curly hair, and the dark skin. So my culture is very important in my life. 


T.B.: Should people be ashamed of their culture?

B.H.: I feel like people shouldn’t be afraid of their culture because that represents you, your family, and all your ancestors that fought for their culture. Just because someone makes fun of your culture doesn’t mean you need to feel ashamed, because it represents you. At the end of the day you were made to represent your culture. 


T.B.: Lastly, what do you want to do in the future? 

B.H.: When I’m older I would like to be a police officer because I grew up around my family members being nurses, doctors, and therapists. So I would like to help the community another way and not stick with the family trend. I remember growing up watching shows like “Cops” and “Live PD” and just thinking to myself, “Wow, I would like to be that one day when I grow up.” Ever since I was a little girl I haven’t changed my mind about being a cop.


Thank you for your time, Beyonce!