Study Tips: Make Your Minutes Count!

Our co-Editor-In-Chief offers suggestions for improving your study time


With AP testing, SAT and more testing and plenty of quizzes and tests coming up in class, here is a list of study tips for students to ace their tests.

  • Form a study group 
    • Study groups are really effective in terms of making sure the group’s goal of understanding is met. Studying in a group can expand your critical thinking as you are getting a new perspective from someone else. This is great for those taking AP classes as the writing material of most of the tests require thinking outside of the box.
  • Have daily goals for your classes
    • Setting daily goals can motivate you to focus on what to do for that day. Making sure you meet the goal encourages your self-esteem and understanding of the material gone over.
  • Take online practice tests
    • Sometimes, you just need to pretend as if you are taking it officially. If you are looking for practice for the SATS, try For any of your AP Classes, sign up for, a website allowing you to take practice tests for any of your AP classes. It even provides videos for more comprehension if you are wishing to study and prepare.
  • Spacing out the material you are studying
    • KhanAcademy does a great job at spacing material to study, especially for the SATS. If you are wishing to score a high SAT score, I suggest you use the website as it already spaces out what you need to study and how much time you should be dedicating to each section.
  • Do not procrastinate
    •  Procrastination is your enemy. Cramming new material will guarantee failure as this new information will only be transformed in your short-term memory. 
  • Do your homework on time
    • Homework is a reinforcement of what you learned in class. Do it. Just by doing homework provides valuable practice to any tests or quizzes of a subject.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help!
    • Teachers are always here to help, often staying after school or coming early in the morning to address any student questions. Sometimes, it is best to listen to them explain it a second time.