Counselor Spotlight: Ms. Roth


Courtesy of Ms. Roth

Ms. Roth is a student counselor at Passaic Prep.

Ms. Shari Roth is a school counselor in her first year here at Passaic Prep. Ms. Roth is dedicated to helping kids achieve their dreams and goals. She is a very kind and caring person! I was able to get her away from her busy schedule to answer some questions.


The Boulevard Online: What made you want to become a counselor?

Ms. Roth: I love to help people, so my first job was a teacher with students with  disabilities, so then while I was teaching I decided I really like to help people who are having a hard time and people who need help working with their emotions. So through this I became a play therapist and was able to help children and adults using creativity.


TBO: If you were trapped on an island, what three things would you take with you?

Ms. Roth: I would take my husband, my pets and a driver’s license so we can rent a camper van to explore. Iceland is amazing!


TBO: What do you like doing in your free time?

Ms. Roth: I love taking long walks in nature, creating art, home remodeling, and pre-covid exploring the world. I also love to spend time in other cultures and meet new interesting people. And eat all kinds of food. I’ve been to 52 countries!


TBO: What object do you collect the most?

Ms. Roth: I used to pick up a rock and write the place it came from. Then I started to get a newspaper from any country I would travel to. Then I started to buy a book from every country to make a collection which got very heavy to carry around. So then I started to do a lot of photography and I would also collect memories from what things I would do and meet. So I have many collections of memories.


TBO: If you were a Disney character, what would your story be about?

Ms. Roth: Probably something like Moana, because when I was watching Moana I wanted to be Moana. Moana was an explorer and I am also.


TBO: If you didn’t work as a counselor what other job would you have?

Ms. Roth: So I always wanted to work for the United Nations and kind of help all women and children that are in difficult situations and also to help develop education around the world. I also wanted to work with Sesame Street. I also wanted to be a scenery designer for television and movies. I think it would be anything in some kind of creative field.


TBO: If you had $10 million what would you use it on – or waste it on?

Ms. Roth: I would probably pay off my house and I would probably help people with it. And I think I would want a house somewhere else like Thailand or somewhere on the beach. I would also plan a trip and not pay much attention to how much it costs.


TBO: If you had any superpower what would it be?

Ms. Roth: I would definitely have the superpower to heal people who are sick so that people have longer lives and spend more time with them and then to make the world more peaceful because I feel like people have a hard time getting along and I think if people would get along together and work together things wouldn’t  always feel so difficult.