POLL: Will you wear a mask when you don’t have to?

Will you wear a mask when you don't have to (starting March 7)?


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After a spike in Covid-19 cases after winter break, the number of cases have decreased significantly with time. They have dropped to the point that the City of Passaic District Board of Education decided to make masks optional starting on Monday, March 7.

Does that mean students and staff will stop wearing their masks? Some students feel okay not wearing it, and some feel they might continue to wear their masks regardless of the policy.

Jacqueline Aca, a 10th grader at Prep, said “I would still use my mask because it makes me feel safe in school and also comfortable.”

Ms. Blumberg, a chemistry and physics teacher at Prep, said she hasn’t decided yet.

“The nice thing about wearing a mask is not getting easily sick, and if I take my mask off I believe I’ll get a cold,” she said. “I’ll be even more exposed to Covid, but it’ll take it off eventually. I am thinking about it.”

How about you … will you continue to wear a mask? Or are you done with masks? Or does it depend on the situation? The Boulevard wants to know, so take our poll, right, and let us know! Send comments or questions to Mr. Schmerler at [email protected], we will print your comment if you want!