Evin Zuniga, CTE Student of the Month for Music Technology, Level 2


Photo courtesy of Ms. Burgos

Evin Zuniga, left, with DJ Niyah, a professional DJ who was a guest of the Music Tech Pathway at Prep.

Evin Zuniga, senior at Passaic Preparatory Academy, is the CTE (Career and Technical Education) Student of the Month for Music Technology, Level 2!

Evin has consistently demonstrated excellent behavior inside and outside the classroom, according to Music Tech Pathway leader Ms. Burgos

“Evin shows exemplary character through his compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, optimism, and loyalty in creating a positive classroom environment,” she said. 

Ms. Burgos shared that Evin is her go-to student for functions and projects outside of the classroom, as he is always ready and prepared to work at a moment’s notice.

“The music technology industry can be very spontaneous, and opportunities may arise when one least expects it,” she said. “Therefore, Evin’s ability to spring into creative work quickly and effectively is an important skill.”

Not only does Evin reveal his talent during class, but also outside of it. Evin pursues music production and “is a skillful rapper” said Ms. Burgos. Evin visits a local music studio to record his own rap tracks and also contributes in the beat-making process. 

“Evin has a bright future ahead of him in music production and engineering and we look forward to his debut album one day!” said Ms. Burgos

As a student enrolled in the Music Technology Pathway, Evin shared that he is “greatly honored to be chosen as the Student of the Month.” 

Thanks to Ms. Burgos and the class, Evin said he feels he has progressed immensely in his Pathway. 

“This is a milestone because I really resonate with music and it feels good to know that I get acknowledged for my love and talent for it,” Evin added. “A leader is only as good as its team, I believe that.”

Pursuing a career in the music industry, Evin feels the course is a real-world example of what he will see and the Pathway is preparing him with the necessary tools and knowledge needed to advance in the music industry. 

“My favorite part about this Pathway is the hands-on skills we acquire through the visual lessons we receive,” Evin added.

Evan encouraged students to “follow your heart, and do what makes you happy. Take a chance on yourself and try new things.” He encouraged students who are interested in music tech to join, as “it will teach you how to create and compose digital music for artists or even for movies.”

“I want to thank Ms. Burgos for being an inspiring teacher who made me realize anything is possible and that we are all great,” Evan said.