Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Watson brings his art to Prep


Courtesy of Mr. Watson

Digital Arts Pathway teacher Mr. Allen Watson.

Mr. Allen Watson is Prep’s Digital Arts Pathway teacher and teaches high school. He has been teaching for six years and has been teaching here at Prep for four years! He’s originally from  Staten Island, N.Y. He has been a great addition to our Prep faculty! 


The Boulevard Online: Do you consider yourself an artist who teaches, or a teacher who creates art?

Mr. Watson: I’m an artist who just so happens to teach. 


TBO: When did you know art was something you wanted to teach?

Mr. Watson: I never wanted to be a teacher to be honest, but probably when I realized that teachers have the best benefits, that adult stuff. 


TBO: Who’s your favorite superhero?

Mr. Watson: My favorite superheroes are Batman and Wolverine. My least favorite superhero is Superman, I mean, if you have every superpower in the world what’s the point? He’s lame. 


Pullquote Photo

I’m an artist who just so happens to teach.

— Mr. Watson

TBO: What’s your favorite Marvel movie? 

Mr. Watson: I would have to say “Avengers: Endgame” and “Logan.” 


TBO: Do you have any pets? Dogs or cats?

Mr. Watson: No, I don’t have any pets. I prefer both. I’d say my favorite pet is Tamagotchi (laughs).


TBO: What do you like to do in your free time other than draw?

Mr.Watson: I like to play video games and sometimes watch football. 


TBO: What is something you wish people knew about you?

Mr. Watson: Don’t take it personal, but I don’t like interacting with other humans. (laughs).


TBO: If you could meet a famous character from a movie or show who would it be?

Mr. Watson: I’d want to meet Chris Pratt, I feel like we would be friends. But also Bryan Cranston.


TBO: After teaching here at Prep for a few years, what would you say you like most about the school environment?

Mr. Watson: I like that my classroom is in the basement and I don’t really have to see others. 


TBO: What’s your favorite style of art? 

Mr. Watson: Definitely comic illustration. 


TBO: What type of music do you listen to, and who’s your favorite music artist?

Mr. Watson: I listen to all kinds of music, except country, and my favorite band is Metallica.