New Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Navedo

Ms. Evelyn Navedo is a new art teacher here at Passaic Prep, teaching every grade from sixth through 12th. Ms. Navedo has been teaching in Passaic for 21 years, but this year is her first year with us at Prep. She feels the environment here has made it a great experience so far! She gave The Boulevard Online some time to answer some questions so we can get to know her better.


The Boulevard Online: How many years have you been teaching in Passaic?

Ms. Navedo: I have been teaching in Passaic for the last 21 years.


TBO: How has your first year at Prep been so far?

Ms. Navedo: It’s bittersweet, because I miss my friends at my other school, and now I have more grade levels to teach. At my last school only taught Intro to Fine Arts and an AP class all at the high school level. Now I’m teaching Basic Art 6th-8th, Intro to Fine Arts 9th -12th and a Digital Arts 1 class 9th-12th, I guess I’ll just have to add a little more planning time to my weekend. Overall, so far so good!


TBO: What interested you about Prep? 

Ms. Navedo: When the academy first opened I applied because I felt like if this school was for the arts, then that was where I needed to be since I teach art and love it. I want to share my passion with the kids. 


TBO: Is it different from other schools ?

Ms. Navedo: Yes, because I feel it’s less crowded and the administrators are really good so they keep a tight ship, which trickles down to the teachers and the students.


TBO: What’s something you like other than art?

Ms. Navedo: I love to sing. I sing at my church choir and gospel choir for 11 years out of Ramapo. I just love the arts. 


TBO: Did you have an art teacher that inspired you?

Ms. Navedo: No, but I did have a fourth grade teacher who was great. I remember her till now her name was Ms. Kenny and I remember she gave me a pendant of an American flag for the Fourth of July, which really stuck with me.  


TBO: Who’s your favorite artist?

Ms. Navedo: That’s a tricky one, but being Latina I feel like Frida (Kahlo) was a big inspiration for me and my work. Mickalene Thomas’s collage work inspired my body of work for my graduate art show at Montclair State University.


TBO: Do you like cats or dogs better?

Ms. Navedo: I’m actually allergic to both cats and dogs, but when I was a kid I did have a cat for a while.


TBO: Who’s your favorite superhero?

Ms. Navedo: Wonder Woman.