Quoth the Raven: VOTE for me!

Students can VOTE for which Raven logo they like the best to represent Prep


It’s been a year since the raven became the official mascot of Passaic Prep. This year, Mr. Watson’s Digital Arts students have been working hard to create official logos for the Prep raven.

They’ve come up with 5 great ones. But we only need one, so it’s up to YOU, Prep students, staff and faculty, to VOTE HERE to pick the one you like the best. Scroll through the Google Form, below, look at the 5 entires, and pick the one that you like best ON QUESTION 6! The winning entry will represent Prep. So choose carefully! Which raven is the best?

Mr. Watson says to vote for the logo with these qualities:

  • Composition of Pathway symbols
  • Well-defined Raven
  • What looks COOL!

The contest will end on FRIDAY, APRIL 8!