Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Crocco

Ms. Crocco is a high school teacher at Passaic Prep Academy. She teaches APUSH I and Holocaust and Genocide Studies. This is her first year teaching at Passaic Prep. She has a bachelor’s degree in history from TCNJ (The College of New Jersey) and her teaching certificate from Montclair State University. She has an Austrian shepherd dog and said she’s very excited to be at Passaic Prep. 


The Boulevard Online: What’s a secret talent you have? 

Ms. Crocco: I do archery. I also play the guitar.


TBO: Any hobbies? 

Ms. Crocco: I paint and I like going to museums.


TBO: What’s your music taste? 

Ms. Crocco: I don’t really have a specific music taste, I listen to any type of music.


TBO: Any quote you live by? 

Ms. Crocco: I don’t know if this is like a quote, but just be yourself.


TBO: What’s your go-to place to find peace? 

Ms. Crocco: In my town there’s like this lake and this beach area and I usually go there.


TBO: Style icon? 

Ms. Crocco: I don’t really have one, I don’t pay much attention to celebrities.


TBO: What’s your current obsession? 

Ms. Crocco: Recently, I’ve been playing and also designing my Cricut.


TBO: What’s a Cricut?  

Ms. Crocco: Cricut is a machine that you hook up on your computer and you do designs, names, pictures.


TBO: What country would you like to visit the most?

Ms. Crocco: Either Greece or Thailand.


TBO: Early bird or night owl ? 

Ms. Crocco: I used to be a night owl, but now I’m an early bird.


TBO: Why did you choose Passaic Preparatory Academy? 

Ms. Crocco: One thing I really like about it was their pathways. It’s great for students and it sets them up to succeed.


TBO: What made you want to teach history? 

Ms. Crocco: History tells the story of who we are and it’s very important for people to know.


Thank you Ms. Crocco!