New club at Prep: Chess Club makes its move

chess club
Jacqueline Arteaga

The Chess Club is a new organization here at Prep. Organized by Mr. Lockwood and Mr. Lightfoot, the club will become official in January. Mr. Lockwood and Mr. Lightfoot sat down with The Boulevard Online to give us more information.


The Boulevard Online: Whose idea was it to begin this club?

Mr. Lockwood: Around this time last year, Daniela Velazquez, the club’s current president, asked me if I would be interested in being the advisor of the Chess Club. She is the brainchild behind the club and Dr. Marx approved it. We will become an official club in January 2022.


TBO: Are there any benefits of learning how to play chess that you may know?

Mr. Lockwood: There are many benefits. Chess is a strategy-based game where the more you play against other people, the better you get. You not only need to know how the pieces move but you need to anticipate how your opponent will move. It really helps with building a person’s problem-solving ability and allows you to appreciate an unexpected move. In other words, it teaches you that there are potential consequences to your moves. The most important thing to remember about chess though is that it is a game and is fun to play.


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Chess is a strategy-based game where the more you play against other people, the better you get.”

— Mr. Lockwood

TBO: Why should students join this club?

Mr. Lockwood: The club is for all types of players. This includes people that have never played chess to people that have played for years. It helps with sportsmanship, patience, and problem-solving. It is a social experience against an opponent. Lastly, it is fun to play. If you have time after school on a Thursday and want to play or learn how to play chess, please stop by. The location may be in my room, which is 301, or Mr. Lightfoot’s, Room 102. 


TBO: Is playing chess better than playing online games? Why?

Mr. Lightfoot: In chess, you want to take time to think deeply about each move, whereas in Fortnite you sometimes have to react instantly to others’ actions. Both skills are important to develop, so I would say doing both is better than only doing one.


TBO: Who is the best player in the school? Who’s the best among teachers? Will there be a tournament?


Mr. Lockwood: The club is still relatively new, so I don’t really know who the best player is in the school. What I can tell you is that it is not me. I am a low-level intermediate player at best. Between Mr. Lightfoot and myself, Mr. Lightfoot is a better player. He is a more strategic player than I am. The goal is to eventually have a tournament or two, but we are not there yet. We only had one meeting so far this year. Once the club really gets going and we have regular participation, having tournaments will be determined.


TBO: What would you say to someone that prefers checkers?

Mr. Lightfoot: Chess is very much like checkers, only there are more pieces and they all move differently. If you really like checkers and you would like to add another game to your repertoire, you should give chess a try.


Make sure to check out the Chess Club either in Room 102 or Room 301. How cool would it be to say that you’re the best chess player in your school? No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, students and teachers are invited to join the Chess Club.