Restaurant Review: Taqueria Los Amigos

My mom, my little sister and I were looking at where to eat and decided to go to a taco restaurant called “Taqueria Los Amigos” on Main Ave.

The inside is big, but not too big, and very beautiful. You are allowed to sit on the tables. There are many tacos to choose from. The food is pretty good, nothing bad about it. They have red and green spicy salsa. I’m not really a huge fan of spicy salsa. My favorite tacos I would recommend are Tacos de Lengua and Tacos de Carnitas.

My favorite tacos I would recommend are Tacos de Lengua and Tacos de Carnitas.

— Our reviewer

It is pretty busy on the weekends. Also, when you order what tacos you want they will give you four small tacos in one box. They will also add two or three small onions, but you don’t have to eat them if you don’t want to. Another thing, if you don’t like onion and cilantro on your tacos, when you order, say no onion and cilantro, please. 

If you decide to stay and eat in the restaurant, you can pick your table and grab your own drink (but of course you have to pay for it). There are only a few tables. If you decide to take your food out, then I think you can still take a drink. Whenever I eat with my mom and sister, we get drinks. My favorite drink is called Jarritos. The flavor I like is mango and orange. My little sister and mom like getting Pepsi or Coke. 

What I especially like about the restaurant is when you order you can see that there is a glass window in the front and you can see how the tacos are made and cooked. 

My mom likes using both red and green salsa. And for my little sister, she likes green salsa. Two boxes of tacos are enough for me. 

The service is pretty good. But unfortunately they don’t have dessert. Also, the restaurant inside has nice beautiful wood chairs with designs, as do the tables.The inside of the restaurant gives me a lot of Mexican farm vibes and it’s very beautiful. If you would like to invite your friends somewhere to eat, I recommend this amazing restaurant. It’s worth spending money on these delicious tacos. 

I would recommend coming back here!

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Taqueria Los Amigos

822 Main Ave.

Passaic, N.J.