“No Boundaries” for Prep songwriter Justin Moreno

Senior releases an album on many platforms

Justin Moreno

Courtesy of Justin Moreno

Justin Moreno, Prep senior in the Music Tech Pathway, released an album this month.

Justin Moreno always wants to push his limits.

Justin, a senior and part of the Music Technology Pathway at Passaic Preparatory Academy, has written an album called “No Boundaries,” which was released on June 12. 

“I thought I couldn’t do much as if I always had a limit to such things and so I decided to do things out of the ordinary and push my limits,” he said of the album title.

“No Boundaries” is a Hip-Hop/Rap album that contains 12 tracks that are instrumental and took Justin about two months to produce. 

“I was hoping to add vocals but I got very timid and wasn’t prepared for all the criticism,” he said.  

According to Justin, “I’ve seen so many music producers, globally and locally, producing and releasing tracks or even a whole album. I believe that is what inspired me to do it as well.” 

Justin Moreno album cover
Courtesy of Justin Moreno

Justin also added, “I love music, and I enjoy making music. For me, that is my passion.”

Justin is particularly excited for listeners to tune into “Sola,” a song that he said was “supposed to be the only track that had my vocals and my friend Arely Reyes’ vocals.”  

You can listen to “No Boundaries” on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Soundcloud.