Students, staff react to Prep’s Raven mascot

Also, PHOTOS of artwork from Digital Arts classes

Artwork from Mr. Watson’s Digital Arts class, 2019-20.

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Passaic Preparatory Academy has a new mascot … the Raven! Here are comments from students and staff on the school getting a mascot after almost three years. And enjoy some artwork in a photo gallery, above, from Mr. Watson’s Digital Arts classes, who worked on the Raven mascot last year, before it was made official by the administration.

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“I’m excited that we finally got our mascot after so long. I wish it didn’t have to take so long.” — Brian Hernandez, 11th grade

“The new mascot gives a sense of belonging to me and to the other students at prep. It is another way to identify ourselves and another way to bring us together. Go Ravens!” — Citlaly Hernandez, 12th grade

“I think it’s fitting, since one of our school colors is purple and Raven from Teen Titans is purple, too.” — Madeline Urena, 12th grade

“I think it’s nice that we finally decided to have a mascot. We finally have a mascot that we chose to represent our school.” — Jasmine Reyes, 12th grade

“A bird has wings, and is free, and it will be a constant reminder to us to chase our dreams no matter the circumstances, or just like the birds, the weather holding you back.” — Hansel Villar, 10th grade 

“I’m very happy and excited to finally have a mascot, and a very cool one at that. Ravens are intelligent, bright, and confident, just like many of our students. I’m glad that we finally have a ‘name’ for ourselves.” — Kimberly Daniel, 11th grade, Student Council Secretary 

“I am thrilled that we at last established a symbol for ourselves. We continued to be persistent and here we are! Ravens symbolize wisdom and cleverness, and these notions align with the traits of our wonderful Prep staff and students!” — Daniela Velazquez, 11th grade, Student Council Vice President

“Compared to the other choices they’ve had I think it’s better. I’m just glad the students finally have something to identify with.” — Grishma Rana, 12th grade


“The new mascot is great. It is menacing, literate, and purple — a perfect combination. It is not as good as my suggestion — the Passaic Prep Fightin’ Stamats — but it is still pretty great. Time to dominate, Ravens!” — Mr. Contaldi

“I had very ambivalent feelings about the difficulty getting a mascot approved. On one hand, I value selecting a mascot that would not offend. Some American pioneers certainly committed awful acts. A raven is associated with death and evil. However, someone will always be offended by something. Not allowing a lion or bear mascot because the animals are too aggressive towards rivals seems extreme. I’m happy district administrators ultimately allowed one of the choices our students and art classes spent much time considering. A bird associated with knowledge is certainly appropriate! It’s kinda tough, too. 

“I also have a soft spot for the raven because my grammar school where I spent many memorable years also used that mascot.” — Mr. Tereshko

“Mr. Watson is an incredibly talented artist and those students have put out some amazing work under his guidance. I am very excited to be a Raven!!” — Mr. Alessi

“I am happy we went with Ravens. I am excited to probably have some school merch with our mascot sometime in the future. Go Prep Ravens!” — Mr. Herrera

“It is great to see that we have agreed upon a mascot as it will solidify our sense of school identity. So many people at Prep have worked hard to create a culture of success, and having a mascot to represent this really strengthens our community.” — Mr. Costarelli