7 things you need in your Covid Easter basket

As we reach the end of March, we start approaching Easter. Easter baskets are such a delight to gift or be gifted, these wonderful baskets are beautifully decorated and filled with love, delightful treats and goodies. As we get older — and during Covid — it might be a bit trickier to fill our Easter baskets or come up with ideas for our loved ones. Filling up your Easter baskets should be exciting and fun. Here are 7 necessities for creating the perfect Easter basket:

1. Basket 

First things first, we’ll need a basket of your liking to place all the wonderful items in. When choosing a basket, take into consideration that you are spending money on this basket and might want to choose one you can use later for other purposes. There are many baskets to choose from, there are different styles, colors, shapes and sizes. Always go with the basket that attracts you the most. 

2. Filling 

Once you have acquired your basket, the next thing you want to have is some sort of filling as the base to make it look appealing. This can range from colored tissue paper, plastic grass or shredded construction paper. Filling is important! It is the base of your basket and makes your basket pop and look appealing. 

Easter Basket
Kathleen Torres

3. Candy 

You can never go wrong with candy. Include some of your favorites ranging from Starburst, Skittles, Twix, Sour Patch, Twizzlers and random chocolates. MUST sweets you need to include are Peeps (!!) and chocolate bunnies. These are essentials and exclusively come out only around Easter. (And remember to vote in our POLL of favorite candies!)

4. Gifts

Whether you’re making this basket for yourself or a loved one, it’s always great to include a special gift. I myself would prefer a book, but a gift could be flowers, books, makeup, or money. Base your choice on the person receiving the basket. And during Covid, how about an Easter-themed mask??? Or some hand sanitizer?

5. Activities 

It’s always nice to have some sort of activity to keep yourself entertained. One is never too old to color in books, play with puzzles, and play with board games. Board games, puzzles, coloring books, chalk, jump ropes and DIY crafts will make your basket JUMP. 

6. Easter Eggs 

An Easter basket would not be an Easter basket without some Easter eggs! There are a variety of eggs to choose from: transparent eggs, colored eggs, hard boiled hand painted eggs and eggs with images. The hollow plastic ones can be filled with jelly beans, jolly ranchers and gum, small candy, a little gift such as money. Easter eggs tie everything together within the basket.

7. Snacks 

Last but not least, some snacks would be great to include: chips, cookies, cake pops and juices of preference. After a long day of looking for the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs, one just wants to sit back, relax and enjoy a snack.

This concludes the list of Easter basket necessities. Hoping you have as much fun picking your Easter basket and filling it up as I did making this list. Remember, there are many different ways and creative ideas to decorate your Easter basket. Don’t let this list stop you from including more stuff! The more items, the better.