New Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Bohan, math teacher

Ms. Bohan returns to the District of Passaic after a year away

By Paula Lombillo, Features Editor

Jaclyn Bohan is a new math teacher here at Passaic Preparatory Academy. She worked in Passaic for eight years as a math teacher and left the district to become a Math Supervisor at another school. She came back this year to Passaic to teach math. 

It’s not her first time at Prep. Ms. Bohan was a math coach at Prep in 2018-19. This year she’s teaching 7th grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra 2 to grades 8-11. Ms. Bohan is not married and has no children, and during her free time she enjoys reading historical fiction books. 

The Boulevard Online asked Ms. Bohan to answer a few questions during remote learning.


The Boulevard: Where are you from and how did you end up at Prep?

Ms. Bohan: I worked in Passaic City for eight full years as a math teacher and then a math coach. Last year, I left the district for one year to become a Math Supervisor in another school. I am back this year in Passaic as a math teacher at Prep. When I was a math coach, I worked for Prep in 2018-19, but I traveled the entire district so I was not in the same building every day.


The Boulevard: What grade levels are you teaching math?

Ms. Bohan: This year I am teaching 7th Grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra 2 to 8th-11th graders.


The Boulevard: Do you have any kids?

Ms. Bohan: I do not have any kids.


The Boulevard: Are you married?

Ms. Bohan: I am not married.


The Boulevard: What is your favorite thing to do when you’re alone?

Ms. Bohan: When I am alone, I like to read. I mostly enjoy reading historical fiction during my free time.

The Boulevard: What are two things you consider yourself good at (outside of school)?

Ms. Bohan: Outside of school I am good at cooking and exercising daily.


The Boulevard: Cook or eat out? Favorite foods?

Ms. Bohan: While I do enjoy eating out, I love to cook new foods and try out new recipes. My favorite food is seafood and I will  cook shrimp or salmon at least once a week.


The Boulevard: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Ms. Bohan: I do not do many crazy things. The craziest thing I have ever done was decide on a Saturday morning that my friend and I were going to see a presentation in Washington, D.C., so we got in my car and drove down to Washington, D.C. The presentation was terrific and then we drove back home. It was a lot of driving in one day and very last minute, but we had an excellent day.


The Boulevard: If you could go anywhere in the world right now (without the pandemic), where would it be?

Ms. Bohan: If I could go anywhere right now, I would probably go to London. I have always wanted to visit London and I have a friend working there for the next year so I would travel to London and tour England.

The Boulevard: What are some things you do to keep yourself busy during the pandemic?

Ms. Bohan: During the pandemic, I have done a lot of projects around my house. I waterproofed and finished my basement. I then did a lot of work on the outside of my house and a lot of gardening over the summer.


The Boulevard: Is there anything interesting or a fun fact your students should know about you? 

Ms. Bohan: One interesting fact that my students should know about me is I am a math teacher who loves to read. I spend my free time reading when I am not learning new ways to teach mathematics. 


Ms. Bohan said she loves cooking, her favorite food is seafood and she would cook shrimp and salmon at least once a week. If she were to travel right now without the pandemic, she would go to London. During this pandemic, she’s done a lot of projects around her house, and she wants her students to know that though she is a math teacher, she loves to read. 

Welcome (back) to Prep, Ms. Bohan!