Staff Spotlight: Meet Ms. James, Our New Librarian!

Ms. Haley James is transforming the Media Center at Prep

Haley James
Courtesy of Haley James
Passaic Prep’s new librarian, Ms. Haley James.

The library — media center, that is — is now officially open full-time! 

Ms. Haley James, the new librarian, has arrived at the Media Center at Passaic Preparatory Academy, along with her many experiences. 

The library will be open every day from 8:20 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. If you plan to work on a project after school, make sure to let her know ahead of time and Ms. James said she will work something out with you. 

Ms. James attended Centenary University in Hackettstown and started working at the school’s Taylor Memorial Library during her freshman year. She majored in English Literature, switching over from theatre, and received her Masters from Rutgers University.

When asked what her inspiration is, she said: “Everything! I’m always curious about life and everything positive.” 

Ms. James has a bubbly personality and claimed that if she were a dog, she would be a golden retriever. She loves reading, and said she has many other hobbies including singing, writing, baking, and crocheting. She has a black labrador named Roxy.

The best spot to work in at the library? “The couch by the window, right when you walk in, is the perfect spot,” Ms. James said.

Her favorite color is either green or blue, she can’t decide! 

“At first it was green and then blue, because it’s the color of the ocean,” she said.

Moving forward, Ms. James said she is working on her very own book and is creating new spaces in the library filled with crafts. Ms. James said she wants to create “someplace where everyone feels welcome.” 

She also said you do not have to be quiet, and she hopes every student will stop in to say hello. This isn’t like any other library, Ms. James said. It’s our library.

NOTE: Read the information in the sidebar, right, to learn more about the Media Center and go to the Media Center’s new website HERE. Utilize the tools and resources made available from our Media Center while you are learning online. Contact Ms. James at [email protected] or go through library live chat during school hours if you have any questions.

media center
Ms. James
The Media Center at Passaic Preparatory Academy.