“The Pathway” webisode: Episode 1, Scene 1

Students are inspired to create a promo for the Video Production Pathway in the first scene, first episode of Prep’s own webisode, “The Pathway.”

The show is inspired by “The Office” but is completely original, written, created, filmed and edited by seniors in the Video Production Pathway, with acting help from many students in the theatre department. The show’s stars:

  • Antonio Carrera as Darren
  • Diego Nazario as Luis
  • Gabriela Martinez as Maria
  • Chamiza Rodriguez as Roque
  • Vivian Almiron as Navarre
  • Bryan Gonzalez as Marcus
  • Kelsey Esteban as Emani
  • Mr. Schmerler as Mr. Oakley

Watch the first scene and let us know what you think! Questions or comments, email Mr. Schmerler at [email protected].