WATCH: Prep senior vlog talks pros/cons of being pregnant

The “Mini Me” project was filmed and posted by myself!

I’m senior Veronica Sanchez, and I made this video to show high school students the difficulties of being a pregnant teen. Although it’s a beautiful blessing, it also comes with a lot of struggles that many should be aware of. My video shows how I am struggling with balancing school and my personal life with my unborn child, the way others react, and what I’m doing to continue and finish school this June.

There’s many worries when it comes to teen pregnancy and not having finished high school yet. My video is entertainment, inspiration and education. I’m hoping that with my video, I reach other teens to help them be aware of the consequences that can come with pregnancy.

Need help? Reach out to the Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center.

More resources in Passaic can be found here.

Questions/comments? Reach out to Video Production Pathway advisor Mr. Schmerler at [email protected].

Mini Me pregnant documentary
Seniors Emily Diaz, left, and Veronica Sanchez, right, laugh about a baby gift for Veronica, who is pregnant. (Screenshot from “Mini-Me,” the documentary from the Video Production Pathway)