PHOTOS: Prep goes to Physics Olympics

For the first time, Passaic Prep sent a team to the Physics Olympics!

Prep sent a team of 16 students to the Physics Olympics on Jan. 21 at Wayne Hills High School in Wayne. The event is a friendly science competition where students compete to win trophies. There were six tasks: Fermi Questions, Grab Bag, Zero Impact Vehicle, Egg Throw, Bernoulli Ball, and Laser Target Shoot. 

For the Fermi questions, students had to answer complicated questions and try to score 100%. For the Grab Bag, students had to make a device out of straws to hold up a heavy weight of 50g. For the Zero Impact Vehicle, students had to make a car that could travel 6 meters without stopping. For the Egg Throw students make a device to hold an egg and bounce off the wall without the egg breaking. For the Bernoulli Ball, students had to use a blowdryer to get the ball to throw the many obstacles in 15 seconds. For the Laser Target Shoot students have to make a laser hit the target going through water.

The advisor was Ms. Blumberg.

“I am so proud of all the students who participated in the Physics Olympics,” she said. “These students chose to work on a physics project on their own time and then come in on a Saturday to compete. I was so impressed with the initiative these students displayed and the creativity of their designs. This was the first year any Passaic school has competed in the Physics Olympics and I cannot wait to see how we do next year!”

The  Prep team:

Milagros Lozano
Yamilet Martinez
Joce Calbera
Connie Calalpa
Marilyn Feliz
Mia Munoz
Vraj Patel
Yesenia Bermeja-Flores
Margarita Contreras
Carol Tiro
Yesly Rivera
Ashley Sanchez
Charlize Glover
Kimberly Peralta
Yuleymy Vazquez
Eric Gonzalez