Prep Middle School gets a government

The Middle School at Prep has a student government after two years without one.

Prep held an election in which middle schoolers voted for a President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer of the Student Government Association (SGA). The results:

President: Ashly Mancebo 

Vice President: Jaslyn Peralta 

Secretary/Treasurer: Adyanni Peralta 

The Boulevard Online interviewed the newly elected SGA officers:


President: Ashly Mancebo

TBO: Why did you run for President?

Ashly: I ran because I just felt like why not give it a shot? I wanted to run because I believe I can make a difference. 

TBO: What difference can you make to the school? 

Ashly: Just so everyone can feel like they belong. We are all human, there shouldn’t be any problems. 

TBO: You mentioned being inclusive, what types of events will you make this year to make the students feel inclusive?

Ashly: I would like to do February Black History Month. Every month has different national days and I want to implement these days to our school events. 

Jaslyn Peralta
Jaslyn Peralta, SGA Vice President

Vice President: Jaslyn Peralta

TBO: Why did you run for Vice President?

Jaslyn: I felt that the Middle Schoolers weren’t getting opportunities as the high school. Middle School felt left out. I wanted to be part of that change. 

TBO: How do you help the president on a daily basis?

Jaslyn: I am helping her make decisions in events and I make suggestions on how to start the events. 

TBO: What change did you want to make for the Middle Schoolers? 

Jaslyn: I wanted to change the way Middle Schoolers have the opportunity and school spirit for Middle School.

Adyanni Peralta
Adyanni Peralta, SGA Secretary/Treasurer

Secretary/Treasurer: Adyanni Peralta

TBO: Why did you run for Secretary/Treasurer?

Adyanni: I ran because last year I helped the High School and the Middle School.

TBO: What do your responsibilities consist of? 

Adyanni: My responsibilities consist of fundraising, planning events. I also write notes. 

TBO: How are you helping the Middle School with fundraising?

Adyanni: In terms of fundraising, we are still planning on how to do it. Ideas we have in terms of fundraising are:

  • Dress Down
  • Bake Sale
  • Way more creative events than the High School


TBO: In all your videos, you all mentioned having leadership skills. Where did you receive these skills from?

All: We received these skills by helping the High School’s Student Council. We learned how to use these skills in our own government. 

All: If we didn’t have experience, we would have been unprepared. But due to the experience with helping the high school, particularly in fundraising, we are less likely to be unprepared and make mistakes.