PHOTOS: Who won for best decorated locker?

Who has the best locker? That was the contest held on Friday, Dec. 2, during the Deck the Hallways SEL day at Passaic Prep.

Students spent the day decorating their lockers, the hallways and the doors for the holidays. Judges roamed the halls when it was all over and awarded prizes to the following students:

FIRST PLACE: Jaslyn Peralta, 3D Snowman locker

SECOND PLACE: Chastity Claudio Miller, 3D House locker

THIRD PLACE: Lianna Davis, Gingerbread House locker

See the PHOTO GALLERY, above, for all the winners.

Congratulations to all the students, staff and faculty who turned Prep into a Winter Wonderland! Look for more photos and videos from Deck the Hallways right here on The Boulevard Online.