Prep elects new Student Council officers for 2022-23

Bryan Perez M.
Bryan Perez M. is Student Council President for 2022-23. (Mr. Schmerler)

Congratulations to our newly elected Student Council officers for 2022-23! The Prep student body has spoken.

Bryan Perez M. is your new President, elected with 32.4% of the vote. Bryan is News Editor of The Boulevard. Gabriela Martinez was second with 24.8 percent of the vote, while Briana Cabrera Espinal was third with 22.3%. Lismary Pascal, Alyssa Tentle and Camila Perez also received votes. 

Nelsie Abreu
Nelsie Abreu is Student Council Vice President for 2022-23. (Mr. Schmerler)

Your new Vice President is Nelsie Abreu, who received 34.9% of the vote. Melanie Garcia was second with 19.8%, followed by Jasmin Hernandez with 18.7% and Jeilyn Rivera with 18.3%. Kaedey Rivera also received votes. 

Ashley Arriaga is your new Secretary/Treasurer, winning with 54% of the vote. Eliana Mendoza was second with 46%.

Congratulations to all on a well-run campaign!

Ashley Arriaga
Ashley Arriaga is Student Council Secretary/Treasurer for 2022-23. (m)