Senioritis sweeps through Prep!


Nelsie Abreu

A look inside a classroom in June, when Senioritis takes over.

Glazed over eyes. Sleeping during class. Not completing assignments. Not attending school at all. These are the characteristics of the disease, Senioritis!

Waving at a nearly empty classroom, Creative Writing teacher Ms. Hassan said, “Look at this classroom, this shows you Senioritis.” 

The school year is almost coming to an end for the Class of 2022. After hearing from colleges and trade schools, relieved that high school is almost over, a serious case of Senioritis has begun to spread! Senioritis is when seniors take Marking Period 4 as a rest, since their high school career is near the end. 

What do the seniors and staff think of this particular disease?

Some seniors continue to do their work, but only partially. Senior Jonathan Vega said, “I try to do my work, but the work is not my main focus. I think Prom is my main focus. Prom and graduation. School is important, obviously, but you know, after a while it’s whatever.” 

I try to do my work, but the work is not my main focus.

— Jonathan Vega, Prep senior

Mr. Alessi, who teaches legal studies, said Senioritis is really not that bad. 

“I think it’s a real thing that kids have, and in all honesty I am fine with it,” he said. “Only if two things are there. Acceptance to college, and do not let their grades drop. Seniors have earned the right to have fun and have an easy one month of school and enjoy Prom. If you have worked hard, then Senioritis is fine. Don’t stop everything, don’t be disrespectful or bother other students, just relax and enjoy your last bit of high school experience.

“It’s not a right, it’s a privilege. You earn the right to say, ‘I’m out.’ If you are struggling and still failing, you don’t just get to say ‘I am a senior, I can’t do my work.’ That’s not fair. Especially not fair to those kids who have worked their butts off and are ending the year right. They’ve earned it.”

Despite some students pushing school to the side, other seniors are still determined to finish the school year strong. Here’s what some had to say:

Senior Evelyn Martinez: “I still do the work, you know, I still care about my grade and I want to see all straight A’s.”

Senior Daniela Velazquez: “Of course I do have to do work for quarter four, as me, I feel like I need to do the work.”

Senior Ofelia Osorio: “Even though most seniors including myself start to feel a little lazy just because it’s quarter four, we still strive until the very end and continue to do well with school.”

No matter what, seniors – with or without Senioritis – are going to graduate on June 24.