Senior Trip set for Fountain Springs Country Club


The senior trip will take place on May 26 at Fountain Springs Country Club in Ringwood. While rising Covid rates will close the swimming pool, the trip will still include activities such as a climbing wall, an athletic field with beach games, boating, and a carnival area. Seniors are to report to the stadium by 8 a.m. latest. All three Passaic high schools (Prep, PASE, PHS) will attend. 

Seniors said they were excited about the trip, especially after being home all of last year due to remote learning from Covid.

“I think the senior trip is going to be fun,” said senior Amy Zarebczan. “I am hoping that all schools will have a good time since this is the first time I’ve been to a three-school event.”

“I think that it would be very exciting to go on a trip as the senior class,” said senior Stephany Negrete, who mentioned that all three schools from Passaic will be there. “I think that it’s a good opportunity to meet people, but it would be overwhelming as there are going to be a lot of new people. We also feel the most comfortable with the people at your school … but who knows?”

Ms. Fontalvo, the School Counselor and Senior Class advisor, also thinks it will be a fun event. 

“I think it is cool and it will be a lot of fun,” she said. “I think it would be great to meet friends from previous years, and it is a nice way to re-engage with old friends.”