Prep hosts motivational speaker


Bryan Perez M.

Motivational speaker Jeff Veley came to Prep on April 7 for an assembly about dealing with bullies.

By Yadira Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Motivational speaker Jeff Veley was welcomed to Prep on April 7 for an assembly in the auditorium to talk about bullying. 

Mr. Veley shared his experiences with Prep students and made the students laugh. He talked about his two-step process when it comes to bullying: 1. Don’t get upset; and 2. Treat others the way you want to be treated. 

Even though this was a serious topic, he made the students laugh. He explained what you should do when someone is bullying you.

In the middle of the his speech, he showed the students a game. In the game, a student has to insult him. Mr. Veley tried to make the student stop. If he can, the student loses, but if he can’t stop them they win. There were two ways the game was played once a student began to bully Mr. Veley. The first, the student was being mean, so he was mean back but lost the game because he couldn’t stop the student. The second way, Mr. Veley responded to bullying in a nice and friendly way. Although the student won, they felt bad. This game was meant to help students find the difference between trying to end bullying in a friendly way, or in a mean way. The friendly way proved to be more effective.