Coin drive sparks competition to help children’s hospital


Jacqueline Arteaga

The coin drive jugs, located in the front hallway at Passaic Prep.

By Jacqueline Arteaga, Features Editor

With the extra change in your pocket, you could win a mystery prize for your class – and help a great charity.

Prep’s Coin Drive is collecting change for charity. Each high school grade and all middle school classes combined get their own decorated gallon jug to collect coins. The one that gets the most coins wins. The idea was created by junior Alyssa Tentle of Student Council’s Service Committee. 

“I think it’s important because it’s nice to help out an organization and do something good as a school,” Tentle said. 

The coin drive serves as an enjoyable and interactive way to raise money for the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. This particular hospital was chosen as the recipient because it has helped a former Passaic district administrator and child.

You can find these artistically decorated gallon jugs in Prep’s front hallway near the entrance. Student Council members sometimes bring the jugs around through the cafeteria during lunch periods, as well. 

This coin drive ends on May 31. The mystery prize will only be given if the school raises a minimum of $500.