Professional hip hop artist comes to Prep

Music Tech I had a special guest in class last week, and her name fit in perfectly here at Prep. Professional hip hop artist Sheikia S. Norris is professionally known as “Purple.” 

Purple guided the students through a song structure analysis using the R&B song “Rainy Dayz” by Mary J. Blige and Ja Rule, in which students were able to apply what they learned in class about song structure and the process of lyric writing. They studied where the intro, verse, chorus/hook, and bridge sections were, as well as the importance of having each one in a song. Then Purple guided the students to find the rhyme scheme of each line so they could understand the technique of “ghost writing.” 

Students were inspired by Purple’s appearance in the classroom.

“Even though we just met her, I knew we shared a lot in common — our love for making music,” said ninth-grader Jade Bravo. “She inspired me and encouraged my creativity to keep growing.”

Superintendent Sandra Montanez-Diodonet, ELA Teacher Ms. Benedetti, and Music Tech I student Jaylie Barret got involved as well, finding the rhyme scheme of one of the verses. Students can now utilize this new knowledge to build lyrical content for the songs they are currently creating in Ms. Burgos’ class.

Purple is known for her impeccable performances and her unique style in balancing power and substance in classrooms. She is acknowledged as a trailblazer in programs like Bergen PAC, Newark Public Schools, The Grammy Museum (Newark), Hip Hop Cultural Center (Harlem) and Next Level Hip Hop Diplomacy (Team India).

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