Traffic Survey: Do we need a light at Broadway and Boulevard?

By Jasmin Hernandez, Staff Reporter

There have been 108 accidents in the past five years at the intersection of Broadway and Boulevard, just down the street from Passaic Prep, according to statistics found in the Passaic Police Department’s public records. This is a major concern because it affects not only residents of Passaic, but students as well. Broadway is a county road, making it a busy street, so, as students, our options for safety are limited. It is important to recognize that this can be changed.

I feel inspired to do this because I care about the safety of this community, where most of our loved ones live. Car accidents frequently result in hurtful injuries or even fatality. A true blessing that gets taken for granted is arriving home safely. There is still that chance that a driver might not be looking or is intoxicated, or if you’re driving, a pedestrian isn’t looking or walks the street recklessly. Both can lead to serious consequences. 

However, we have the power to change this by adding a traffic light to make the intersection safer for everyone! The option of having a Stop sign isn’t available because Broadway is a county road. And we can’t have a crossing guard due to the fact that we’re too old for one according to our school’s SRO. Nonetheless, we can request a traffic light. I have created a survey for both Prep and PASE that is open to both teachers and students. Your responses will help me collect data that will hopefully lead to a traffic light for this intersection. After I collect all the information from the completed surveys, I will then arrange all of the data and use it to request a traffic light at this dangerous intersection.

Fill out this Google Form to make things better at this dangerous intersection!