Prep Student Council election results 2021-22

By Bryan Perez, News Editor

This year, we don’t have to wait two weeks for Student Council election results. That’s because all three candidates ran unopposed. Amari Gawthney, Student Council President, and Daniela Velazquez, Vice President, were automatically reelected, while Jeilyn Rivera was elected Secretary/Treasurer for 2021-22.

Here are the vote totals and a comment from each class officer:

  • President: Amari Gawthney, 114 votes

“I want to just say thank you to everyone who voted for me, not that there was much of a choice, and just to everyone for trusting me again to be the president and the voice of the student body! Excited for the year that is to come and to make all the ideas that I and the executive board want to bring to life.”

  • Vice President: Daniela Velazquez, 117 votes

“Thank you for voting for me. I know I was unopposed this year but that does not mean your voices mattered any less. I will work hard alongside the elected board and the wonderful Student Council to ensure our upcoming school year provides you all with more fun activities and opportunities. I cannot wait to start working again. Thank you!”

  • Secretary/ Treasurer: Jeilyn Rivera, 123 votes

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to make Prep a better school and experience! I will do my very best to listen to what you as students have to say and make it happen. Once again thank you, and I hope to please you all!”