Restaurant review: El Tule in Lambertville


Yadira Gonzalez

Some of the food at El Tule restaurant in Lambertville.

By Yadira Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

My family went to El Tule, a Peruvian/Mexican restaurant at 49 N. Main St. in Lambertville. 

Like many restaurants during Covid, the menu is scanned — not paper. The menu includes kids’ meals. My sister, cousin, and uncle ordered a Jamaica drink. My other sister ordered water. My other cousin and I got Jarritos to drink.

The plates were in a leaf shape and the service was good. They ask you to choose which type of meat you like from the menu, which has many types. The waiter brings chips and three types of salsa to start. 

I ordered taco de chorizo plain, and so did my cousin. They added the beans, rice, and chili, which I think was a jalapeno. My sister ordered a taco bowl and the rest ordered enchiladas. The food was awesome!

“It was good, but there was so much food!” my sister said. “I will rate it a 9 out of 10.” 

This restaurant will fill you up easily, since their taste and food is good. I would come back to this restaurant if we could. 

Visit the restaurant on Instagram @eltulelambertville

El Tule restaurant review
Some of the food at El Tule restaurant in Lambertville. (Yadira Gonzalez)