Prep recognizes National School Counselors Week

A time to celebrate the counselors who help our students


Courtesy of Ms. Fontalvo

Prep school counselors, left to right: Ms. Fontalvo, Ms. Mold, Ms. Scandariato.

It’s National School Counselors Week! This week, Passaic Preparatory Academy recognizes the efforts of Ms. Fontalvo, Ms. Scandariato, and Ms. Mold, our counselors. 

The counselors focus on helping students reach their achievements, whether it is by responding, collaborating, assisting, or directly helping students, according to our counselors. They assist in giving students opportunities and helping them get through their hardships.

Ms. Fontalvo, Ms. Scandariato and Ms. Mold were very kind to answer some questions from The Boulevard Online:


The Boulevard Online: What are your feelings about National School Counselors Week? What does this week mean to our counselors?

Counselors: Throughout the year, students may feel apprehensive to reach out to us for many reasons. National School Counselors Week is exciting because it gives students an opportunity to know who we are as counselors and a chance to know how we are here to help.


TBO: Who are the counselors at Prep? 

Counselors: The school counselors at Prep are Mrs. Scandariato (Carl), Mrs. Mold, and Ms. Fontalvo. Who your counselor is depends on your last name. Ms. Carl is the beginning, Ms. Mold the middle and Ms. Fontalvo the end of the alphabet. 


TBO: What are your main goals?


  • Recognize and respond to students’ mental health needs and assist families seeking resources. 
  • Collaborate with other educators, parents and the community to support student achievement/success.
  • Help students develop positive attitudes toward school, learning, community, and society.
  • Educate and facilitate problem-solving, decision-making, and coping skills.
  • Promote growth, self-awareness, appreciation of diversity, and a love of learning among students.
  • Assist students in developing post-graduate vocational plans.
  • Support students in overcoming issues that impede their academic success.
  • Assist in creating a safe school environment.

TBO: What made you interested in becoming school counselors?

Counselors: We became school counselors because we are natural helpers. We wanted to help students feel prepared for their futures. We wanted to help students set goals, overcome challenges, decide career and educational goals, etc. The list truly goes on and on.


TBO: What are the hardest things that counselors have to deal with on a daily basis?

Counselors: I think the hardest thing that counselors have to deal with on a daily basis is always keeping a flexible mindset and knowing you may have to switch gears at any time. You can be working on something that’s time-sensitive, like sending documents to a college, and something else will pop up that is more important and requires immediate attention, like a student in crisis or an impromptu meeting with admin. Those situations happen quite often. Counselors become very good at multitasking and juggling intense situations.


TBO: What have been your best moments as counselors?

Counselors: Some of our best moments as school counselors:

  • When students share that they were accepted into their dream college and they were given LOTS OF MONEY!
  • When students achieve their academic goals, whether it’s achieving straight As or bringing a D to a B-.
  • When a student recognizes their worth and value in this chaotic world.
  • When a student realizes that they can accomplish all.
  • When students use the coping skills we share with them.
  • When students feel heard and feel supported.

Thank you Ms. Fontalvo, Ms. Scandariato and Ms. Mold, our school counselors, during National School Counselors Week!