Mr. Figueroa, Ms. Scandariato earn recognition from district

One teacher, one counselor from Prep honored by City of Passaic School District

Educator of the Year

By Mr. Schmerler, Staff Adviser

Congratulations go out to Mr. Figueroa, history teacher, and Ms. Carl, school counselor, for being honored by the City of Passaic School District for the 2019-20 school year.

The two were the selections from Passaic Preparatory Academy for the Governor’s Educator of the Year Awards.

Ms. Carl said the team effort in the Prep counseling department helped her to excel last year.

“I love being a school counselor and there is nothing more validating then being recognized by your peers for doing your job well,” she said. “Congrats also to Mr. Fig!  I am in great company being honored alongside of him.  I have to shoutout Ms. Mold and Ms. Fontalvo because working with them is a dream. It is a complete collaborative effort.  I love working at Prep and I am thankful every day that I get to work with some of the best teachers, admin, staff and students!  It makes this honor that much more special.

Educator of the Year