Prep’s National History Day Club Wants You!

Join NHD Club for a fulfilling experience at Prep


By Melissa Reyes, Editor-in-Chief

Passaic Preparatory Academy’s National History Day Club is looking for students to participate in next school year’s regional competition.

National History Day is a competition open to students in grades 6-12, where they research a topic connected to the annual theme. The theme for 2020-21 is Communication in History: The Key to Understanding, where students examine how people interact and communicate with each other. 

A topic can be anything of the past, including the history of a certain genre of music, comic books, superheroes and more. The theme is broad enough for students to pick any topic they like!

Students will have the ability to represent their information in five different options: exhibits, documentaries, websites, performances, and papers. They may even work as groups of two to five on every option except a paper.

Those who win the regional competition move on to the state competition. If they advance in the state competition, they will move on to the national competition held at the University of Maryland.

Ms. Huze, who teaches AP U.S. History and Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Prep, is the adviser for NHD. It will be her sixth year working as an adviser as she guides students in developing a strong project for the competition.

If you are interested in participating, please join the NHD Google Classroom using the code oiy7nga for more information about future meetings.

Read what current or former NHD members have to say about participating:

I have learned about topics that wouldn’t otherwise be taught in school. This includes women’s shelters, revolutions around the world and many other stories that are shared by everyone who competes. I have also learned how to communicate information in a formal way, how to properly cite evidence and how to conduct extensive research.

Not only does it look great on your college resume but it also helps develop skills that will be useful throughout your educational and professional career.”

– Michelle Carpinteyro, fourth year competing in NHD.

”NHD has taught me a great deal about researching and using a variety of different sources. I’ve been able to rely more on primary sources and analyze them and their context. This has led me to develop better analytical skills and piece documents together to explain the historical motives and phases of an event.

All of our favorite hobbies have a history to them and it’s a great way of learning more about the things you love and are interested in.”

-Madeline Urena, third year competing in NHD.

“I’ve learned the importance of young teenagers learning about the past and giving them an opportunity to explore the impact of certain individuals/events.

You make great friends, learn about what you want about history, and get to go on an amazing trip.”

– Stephanie Toxqui, competed in NHD.

“This program will help enhance your abilities in different regions, from your research to the way you layout your project. You get to decide what you want to say and express through your project.”

 – Jessenia Valladares, first year competing in NHD 

And check out these exhibits Passaic students presented for past competitions in the photo gallery, below.

For examples of other options, visit the National History Day website.