New Teacher Spotlight: Spanish Teacher Numar Vasquez

Mr. Vasquez, also fluent in Italian, started at Prep during remote learning

Numar Vasquez

Courtesy of Numar Vasquez

Numar Vasquez, Prep’s new high school Spanish teacher

Numar Vasquez is a new high school Spanish teacher at Passaic Preparatory Academy! He said he wanted to be part of a district where not only are his skills appreciated, but his experience. Mr. Vasquez said he was an ESL student, and he never forgot about his struggles and the lack of help to continue his education. This is his ninth year teaching Spanish from fourth through 12th grade. Before, he taught English for adult learners and even coached boys soccer.

Growing up, his dream job was biomedical engineering. But now he plans on teaching Spanish long-term. Things that motivate him are his kids, himself, and his students. When arriving in the United States, his fluent language was Italian and he learned English few years later. Now he’s learning German. His dream is to travel to Germany because it always interested him. 

Here is The Boulevard’s interview with our new teacher:

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Speaking Spanish gives you a variety of choices. 

— Numar Vasquez, Prep Spanish teacher

The Boulevard: How did you end up at Passaic Prep? Describe your journey.

Mr. Vasquez: I have been fortunate to work in outstanding school districts with Model World Language programs, but still I was aware something was missing in my career.  When I was an ESL student in high school, I had tremendously difficult experiences and I never forgot those struggles and the lack of help from my step-parents to continue my education.  I wanted to be part of a school district where not just my skills, but my experiences are also appreciated.

TB: What one word describes your teaching style?

Mr. V: Exploratory.

TB: What is your experience in teaching Spanish?
Mr. V: This will be my ninth year teaching Spanish in all different levels, from fourth up through 12th grades.

TB: Have you taught any other subject besides Spanish? 

Mr. V: I taught English in an adult school for English learners. And if it counts, I have also coached boys soccer.

TB: Is being a Spanish teacher something you look forward to doing long-term?

Mr. V: Yes, I plan on teaching Spanish for the long-haul.


TB: What was your dream job growing up?

Mr. V: Biomedical Engineering. 

TB: Do you know any other languages besides Spanish?

Mr. V: The first language I learned fluently when I arrived in the States was Italian. I learned English a few years later, and now I am learning German.

TB: Why do you think Spanish is such an important language, especially at Prep?

Mr. V: Being bilingual or multilingual, I feel, is going to be unavoidable in the short-term.  Immigrant populations have been in the U.S. since its earliest history as a nation.  Speaking Spanish gives you a variety of choices. 

TB: What motivates you to do your best?

Mr. V: Three things motivate me to be the best: my kids, my students and myself. 

TB: If you were to travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Mr. V: I would love to travel to Germany, it has always been a country that has interested me.


Mr. Vasquez describes his teaching style as explanatory. He thinks that Spanish is such an important language because being bilingual and multilingual could be unavoidable short-term and that speaking Spanish can give you a variety of choices. He did Model World Language and he always thought that there was something missing in his career. 

Thank you for the interview, Mr. Vasquez, and welcome to Prep!