Courtesy of Gexsabel Benitez

Gexsabel Benitez, college

How has life changed for you since graduation?

I have become more financially independent, my immediate family live in Pennsylvania while I live in Paterson, N.J.

Any advice for the Class of 2023 and other underclassmen?

Take school seriously. Study. Get college credits while you’re in high-school so you don’t take too long doing the basics in college. Take anything that allows you to do dual enrollment. I heard that there is a college bound, I’m not sure if that is true but if it is, take advantage of it you’ll be more ahead and also go to community college you save a lot of money.

Personal Quote:

Life is complicated, life is hard, life will take so much out of you and you may not feel like you have the potential to keep going but I promise you that you can. If you managed to be here now in high school imagine what else you can do beyond that. You may not know what you’re doing after high school but that’s perfectly okay because I believe in the fact that you will get there. I believe in you.

Anything else?

Anything that will benefit high schoolers when transitioning to an 2 year community college or a 4 year university. Any articles regarding emotional maturity so it can help them understand the meaning of navigating through emotions. Anything that helps them with finance (financial literacy).

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