PHOTO STORY: Prep staff discusses Covid-19 vaccine 

The Boulevard Online reached out to Passaic Preparatory Academy teachers for their thoughts on the Covid-19 vaccine.

Of teachers participating in the survey, 76.5% have been vaccinated, 11.8% plan on getting vaccinated, while the remaining 11.8% do not plan on getting vaccinated. Those who have been vaccinated shared their side effects on a scale of 1 to 10.

Hover over a picture to read more of what Prep teachers are thinking about the vaccine. 

Teachers: If you haven’t done so already, add your input by filling out this Form!

Note: The Boulevard upholds journalistic ethics and will not disclose the identity of anonymous respondents for any reason. 

Mr. Tereshko, English
Ms. Johnston, Math
Ms. Alloway, Child Study Team
Ms. Blumberg, Chemistry and Physics
Mr. Morley, Phys Ed, Health, Driver’s Ed
Mr. Herrera, Algebra
Ms. Hadjisavva-Koutsis, ESL
Alia Attyeh, English
Mr. Schmerler, Digital Media & Journalism
Mr. Lockwood, Physics and Environmental Science
Mr. Graham, Biology and Forensic Science
Mr. Alessi, Law Studies
Mr. Vasquez, Spanish
Mr. Contaldi, AP Macroeconomics
Ms. Benedetti, AP Literature
Ms. Huze, AP US History & Holocaust and Genocide Studies

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