Lucy Garcia

Courtesy of Lucy Garcia

Lucy Garcia, 7th grade

I remember March 13, 2020 like it was yesterday, I remember starting off with 2 weeks and it turning into the whole rest of the school year and more, I remember it all. That evening I remember coming back from school and knowing that there might be a possibility that I wouldn’t return to school for two weeks. My aunt and cousins had come over and we were all having so much fun. I remember wishing and wishing we wouldn’t return to school and have two weeks off. My cousins and I were all in the living room watching some TV while my aunt and grandma were in the kitchen talking. My aunt comes to the living room and says that we would be off school for 2 weeks. My cousins and I were so excited, we were jumping up and down and shouting “YAY NO SCHOOL”. I remember smiling all day and saying all day we didn’t have school so excitedly. I remember wishing everyday we would be off of school for an extra few days or weeks and now everyday I’m wishing that we would go back to in-person learning.

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