Eliana Mendoza, 9th grade

I remember heading to the cafeteria for my lunch period, I was waiting for a couple of friends to sit with, so I could talk to them, after lunch I went to my biology class which was right near the basement in the cafeteria. My last period of the day was English 1 Honors class with Ms.Severino, I was very excited for the day to be over. I’m sure that day wasn’t really one of my best days. I lacked so much motivation, I was looking forward to going home early. The only thing that kept me going was really only my friends who would joke around in class and blog all day, asking questions to other students around the school hallways. After the bell rang, I took my time to say goodbye to my teacher and other students who stayed late to put their supplies away into their backpacks. Unfortunately I got too distracted and left my binder in class, I never got it back.

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