Courtesy of Anthony Rivera

Anthony Rivera, 12th grade

Has it really been a year? I remember absolutely nothing. I just see myself enjoying the day like always, going to class and doing the normal work. What I do remember is what followed after. We weren’t in school for weeks and I started to get antsy. What the hell is happening?! I kept thinking to myself. Everyone was paranoid and running around for toilet paper. Of all things, toilet paper, how silly is that? The most hilarious reason to fight each other. I remember a time I went to Wal-Mart, here at Garfield, looking at all the food that was barely left, people rummaging the crumbs of the apocalypse . I turn the corner where they kept all the toilet paper. Let me rephrase that, where the toilet paper was, there was a huge hole. I don’t know what happened but someone body-slammed a guy into that wall for toilet paper. TOILET PAPER. What the heck?

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