Courtesy of Leylani Bravo

Leylani Bravo, 12th grade

It was a busy day between having to do a musical theater presentation of Cabaret before the school closed. As well as having this one friend who was literally obsessing over hand sanitizer. I was just thinking throughout the whole day, man it’s really starting to get serious, I actually began to fear. Then at the end of the day in my choir class I remember wanting to record myself with my friends because I didn’t know when we’d see each other next . We were all just ranting about how to go to our Carnegie Hall performance that was supposed to be happening the next weekend. Eventually it was canceled and we were very upset but it was for the best. That is one day can never forget. It’s the moment I saw a huge shift in my personal life. In the matter of hours, things can change and affect your life in so many ways.

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