Citlaly Hernandez

Courtesy of Citlaly Hernandez

Citlaly Hernandez, 12th grade

All I remember is that we still did not realize how serious Covid-19 actually was. The most vivid memory that I remember from that day was being sent to the office for papers that had to be sent out to students and parents. After I returned to my 9th period class, which was APUSH 2 with Mr. Costarelli, I read what was stated in the paper out loud to class. The paper informed us that the “Legally Blonde” musical was cancelled and that gatherings of 50 people were not allowed but school will continue. I remember all the students and I being confused. After the last bell rang, I remember going to my locker and packing all my things because my Calculus teacher, Ms. Toress, at the time believed that we would not return that next week, and boy, was she right.

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