Memories of March 13, 2020: A year since we saw Prep PHOTO STORY

Hard to believe, but it has been a year since the close of Passaic Preparatory Academy due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. We are attending school virtually, which has become the new norm, but with the hope we can one day return to classrooms in person. This March we recall the memories we had of our last day at school with our friends, teachers and staff. 

The Boulevard Online has encouraged Prep students to share their opinions, thoughts, and experiences of March 13, 2020 — as well as an avatar, bitmoji or picture. After a rollercoaster of events this past school year, and as we get closer to a year since the last day that we had a normal school day, students might experience a sense of nostalgia, remembering how daily school life felt before COVID. Our intention with this project is wishing that students can connect and relate to other student experiences of that very day. We all hope to one day see each other again — at school!

Hover over a picture to see the text, and click to see more. To add yourself to this photo story, fill out the Google Form by clicking here, or email Mr. Schmerler at [email protected].

Citlaly Hernandez, 12th grade
Amari Gawthney, 11th grade
Leylani Bravo, 12th grade
Anthony Rivera, 12th grade
Ms. Huze, teacher
Mr. Vasquez, teacher
Ms. Blumberg, teacher
Mr. Herrera, teacher
Itzel Vazquez Marin, 9th grade
Briseas Ransom, 9th grade
Lismary Pascal, 9th grade
Ayden Marmolejo, 7th grade
Jaylanice Alamo, 7th grade
Miranda Raffo, 7th grade
Eliana Mendoza, 9th grade
Ariadna Miranda, 7th grade
Meraly Moya Nunez, 10th grade
Yadira Gonzalez, 7th grade
Jennifer Ramirez, 10th grade
Yancy Rivera, 10th grade
Ms. Lauricella, Asst. Principal
Alia Attyeh, teacher
Ms. Fontalvo, counselor
Mr. Tereshko, teacher
Lucy Garcia, 7th grade
Julian Munoz, 11th grade
April Ramirez, 8th grade
Sharot Lotero, 9th grade
Nevaeh Maultsby, 7th grade

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