Amari Gawthney, Student Council President, junior

“I’m not exactly sure how to express how I felt about what went on. I think that they let this many people storm a Capitol building with barely any consequences. It’s seen that in some videos many were just let in and this was considered a “protest.” They caused all this because the person they worship lost the election. If we put it in terms of the BLM movement or LGBTQ+ members fighting for their life there would have been a completely different turn out, sadly. If it were members of color or those not in support of Trump fighting, having an actual protest for all the life being taken because of the color of someone’s skin color, think about how many would have been dead or in critical condition after peaceful protesting for the rights and fighting for our lives to be saved. I’m upset with the fact that even after people began storming and climbing the walls of the Capitol building, no backup or extra help was called to stop these psychopaths. It even got to the point shots were fired and barely any consequences were put in place. From what I heard about 15 arrests that have been made, only 15? When they completely broke the law, stormed a private Capitol building basically what would be considered a terrorist attack if it were anyone else and nothing is being done to punish these people. I just feel like side is being played equally here and it shows clearly we saw what the Capitol looked like when BLM was having a protest and what it looked like with Trump’s supporters and we can see how the cops and other government officials reacted to what was going on and nothing was done.” 

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