Daniella Russo, senior

“When I logged onto Twitter, I remember seeing a headline of the D.C. riots and brushing it off as another pro-Trump protest. I didn’t know the extent of it and when I saw videos of them storming into the Capitol, chanting and harassing, I was honestly scared. I was scared because my mind associated the riot and the people partaking in the riot as Nazi loyalists. Some may say it’s a bit of a reach however, there are so many similarities. There were people encouraging the violence because it was them defending America and rescuing the American people from a “dark fate.” It’s worthy of a face palm because it’s so ridiculous. I also felt anger, especially because the BLM protest was highly critiqued and was called “un-American” and such by the same people who took part in the riot. They had a cause, they wanted to voice their anger and show the world that there’s still racial injustice that continues to linger in our society till this day whereas the rioters in D.C had a temper tantrum that their fascist of a president will no longer be in office. My only hope is that things will get better and I believe eventually it will.”

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