Mr. Alessi, legal studies teacher

“We are currently living in an unprecedented moment in U.S. history where an insurrection/attack on the United States Capitol building was backed and supported by the acting president. We have been attacked before, the Capitol has been attacked before, but this is different because of the President’s involvement. Sadly, when asked to call off his base, he waited several hours to do so and that resulted in the death of at least five people, hundreds injured, and our national reputation broken. World leaders have condemned not only the riot but also the President’s actions. I am ashamed as of right now because the whole thing should never have happened. We are supposed to be a nation of laws, ruled by the oldest living and working constitution in the world. Sadly, this mob seemed to ignore how this country is supposed to work. They decided that they were going to change an election outcome by force. They set up a noose outside the building, chanted “hang Mike Pence” and were seen carrying zip tie restraints and brought weapons such as tear gas, bear mace, and blunt objects. That is not how we run elections. These people forgot that when the time comes back around, they can vote out Joe Biden if they are unhappy with him. That’s the glory of being in America. We don’t have lifetime presidents and your voice gets to be heard in every election. Now sadly, yes one side will lose some of those elections, that is how a democracy works, you vote, and clearly some people will lose out. But we can hope the president or those in charge will listen to the people and do a good job. This riot showed such a complete lack of understanding and lack of respect for democracy that it actually hurt my heart to watch it. I hope we can get past this. I hope the violence ended on that day. I hope we heal together as one nation united for the common good of its citizens. But I remain cautious.”

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