Teacher Photo Story: How are Teachers Dealing with Remote Learning?

The remote learning situation caused by the coronavirus that shut down Passaic Preparatory Academy classrooms since March 13 has been inconvenient, and just plain difficult, for students. But it has also had serious effects on Prep teachers, who have been forced to come up with new ways to teach — without being able to see their students in person.

The Boulevard hoped to find the silver lining in these dark clouds. So we asked teachers, “What is your favorite part of working from home?” And “How has this new teaching experience challenged you?” So check out your teachers’ PHOTOS, below, and their answers! Click on each pic to see expanded answers.

Let us know what you think, and if you have any questions or comments. Email Mr. Schmerler at [email protected].

Erica Sciametta, AP English Language and Composition, English 2 Honors
Valeria Montoya, Biology
Jill Leonard, Physical Education, Health
Ted Graham, Biology and Forensic Science
Rita Vander Stad, Geometry and AP Statistics
Fannie Martinez, Advanced Drawing and Painting
Jennifer Mold, School Counselor
Maureen Mulreany, AP English and Composition
Todd Schmerler, Journalism and Digital Journalism
Aixa Burgos, Music Technology
Kristen Reilly, Science
Gina Bang, Algebra 2
Emily Fitzgerald, Chemistry and Physics

Eric Costarelli, AP U.S. History

By Mr. Schmerler, Staff Adviser

Favorite part of working from home: Fielding questions from the students. I miss them and it gives me a chance to speak to them. How has this new teaching experience challenged you? Not having face time with the students. Anything else? Wishing my best to all the students and their families. I miss you all and can't wait for things to get back to normal. Everyone stay safe....

Lauren Benedetti, AP Literature & Composition, English 1
Robert Rodriguez, Physical Education and Health
Katie (Carl) Scandariato, School Counselor
Christopher Tereshko, English I Honors
Claudia Severino, English I and English II Honors
Steven Herrera, Math
Marc Figueroa, AP U.S. History, AP Human Geography
Kirsten Huze, AP U.S. History & Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Giselle Fontalvo, School Counselor
David Lee Anderson, Theatre Arts
Chief Diego Diaz, ROTC, Naval Science
Kenia Sosa, Spanish
Susan Spoelstra, US History, World History
James Alessi, Intro to Law
Diosmerida Alfaro, Spanish I and II
John Lockwood, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science
Numar Vasquez, Spanish
Alia Attyeh, Language Arts Inclusion
Ryan Contaldi, AP Macroeconomics

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