Courtesy of Christopher Tereshko

Christopher Tereshko

Christopher Tereshko, English I Honors

Favorite part of working from home:

I enjoy spending more time with my wife and cat. I have been exercising more and eating healthier. I am as light as I have been in the past 10 years. Even just having the extra 40 minutes of no commute has given me more time to jog and prepare home-cooked meals. Because I have less responsibilities to take up my time in the evenings, I have been going to bed most nights by 9 p.m., which has helped my well-being and ability to wake up early feeling refreshed.

How has this new teaching experience challenged you?

I have struggled to connect with struggling students. I take much time writing clear directions, but occasionally students do not understand my “written voice.” I know that if I could speak to them or just show them over their shoulders, they would understand. I find it harder to encourage and praise students. I get upset when I hear the difficult times students are having adjusting or with tragedy at home. I feel like I can’t help.

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